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Safe usage of Robaxin Injectable has not been established with respect to feasible negative impacts after fetal advancement.

As a result, Robaxin Injectable need to not be used in women who are or may conceive and also particularly during early maternity unless in the judgment of the medical professional the prospective advantages outweigh the feasible hazards (view WARNINGS).

As its necessary impacts, methocarbamol (the active substance included in Robaxin) might cause undesirable side effects that need medical interest.

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It might additionally be included in an intravenous drip of Sodium Chloride Injection (Sterile Isotonic Sodium Chloride Solution for Parenteral Use) or five percent Dextrose Injection (Sterile 5 percent Dextrose Solution); one vial offered as a single dose should not be weakened to greater than 250 mL for I.

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